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Meeting Date: 10/19/2021  
T1740 Sam Bass Interim Signals Change Order No. 3_Balancing
Submitted By: Mayra Ramos, Road Bond
Department: Road Bond  
Agenda Category: Regular Agenda Items

Agenda Item
Discuss, consider, and take appropriate action regarding a Change Order No. 3 in the amount of -$51,416.50 for Project T1740 Sam Bass Interim Signals (Austin Traffic Signal), a Road Bond project in Commissioner Pct. 1 P:462 Funding Source: Road Bond.
This Change Order provides the final balancing for the overrun/underrun of Contract quantities on the project as a result of addressing field conditions not accounted for in the original plans.

This Change Order adds fifty-eight (58) days to the project for various reasons. Working around unknown utilities caused delays to the work. Signal poles were changed from timber to steel with concrete foundations because there was not enough right of way for a guy wire to support the timber poles. Material fabrication time was longer than planned due to the pandemic and the Contractor’s workforce tested positive for Covid-19 during the project and work on the project was halted for the crew to recover.  

This Change Order results in a decrease of $51,416.50 to the Contract amount, for an adjusted Contract total of $303,953.36. The original Contract amount was $319,866.00. Accounting for this Change Order and all other Change Orders, $15,912.64 has been deducted from the Contract, resulting in an 5% net decrease in the Contract cost. Fifty-eight (58) days will be added to the Contract as a result of this Change Order.

Fiscal Impact
From/To Acct No. Description Amount
Change Order

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
County Judge Exec Asst. Becky Pruitt 10/14/2021 09:50 AM
Form Started By: mayra.ramos Started On: 10/07/2021 09:22 AM
Final Approval Date: 10/14/2021


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